National Homebrew Competition 2017

If you’re interested in submitting to the most prestigious Homebrew Competition in the World look no further! Below is a high level look at the requirements and important dates for NHC 2017. The full Competition Entrant Handbook issued by the AHA this year can be found here.


  1. Must be an American Homebrewers Association member
  2. Must know your AHA member number with associated email address
  3. Must be subscribed to receive emails from the National Homebrew Competition

Fee – $14 per entry submitted is due after the registration process

Important Dates

  1. Registration: Jan 30 – Feb 5. Apply Here! Indicate number of entries you intent to submit (6 max) and Primary Judge Center (and alternate location)
  2. Entry Payment: Feb 8 – Feb 15. Once acceptance to the competition is received via email, you’ll have three days to pay for all entries
  3. Beer Editing: Feb 8 – Mar 8. Submit entry information for each entry and print labels
  4. First Round Shipping/Drop off Window: Feb 27 – Mar 8.

PLEASE NOTE: Mike Neville will be selecting Indianapolis for his Primary Judge Center (Chicago as the alternate location). He will be driving entries to the drop off location in Indianapolis on Saturday, March 4th and is willing to drive your entries to Indianapolis. Bring your entries to the March Meeting!!


For Recipe ideas check out the Past NHC Gold Medal Recipes!

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