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MCM Homebrewer of the Year

MCM Homebrewer of the Year Competition

The MCM HBOTY Competition directly correlates to the BJCP style that is featured in our monthly club tasting. Members must brew a version of the monthly style to earn a point. Quarterly, selected styles are submitted to be evaluated by BJCP judges using the 2021 guidelines. Scoresheets are returned to all participants and winners of each competition earn additional points. We will also award bonus points for submitting to specific Michigan-based homebrew competitions. Below is our tasting/competition schedule for the year. Bold months indicate competition months. Entry due dates and winner announcements are also provided. A full explanation of the points system is located at the bottom of this page.

2023 Champion
Dan Kukuk

Dan is a 3-time MCM HBOTY winner.


Earning Points

  • 1 point—brewing the MCM monthly style
  • 2 points—submitting to the MCM quarterly competition
  • 1.5 points—1st place in MCM quarterly competition
  • 1 point—2nd place in MCM quarterly competition  
  • .5 points—3rd place in MCM quarterly competition
  • 1 point—submitting to the Celebrity Deathmash
  • 1 point—submitting to Michigan Beer Cup 
  • 1 point—submitting to Michigan State Fair 
  • 1 point—submitting to Michigan Mead Cup
  • 1 point—for best of show in any aforementioned Michigan competitions