Club Competitions and Homebrewer Of The Year

Our In-Club Competitions will directly correlate to our Monthly Club Tasting. Below is a look at our tasting/competition months. If the month has an “X” that means the competition will be of that style. The entry is due at the next months meeting and winners will be announced at the following monthly meeting.

Month BJCP Style Tasting Competition Month Due at Winners Announced
FEB Doppelbock (9A)
MAR Irish Stout (15B) X April Meeting May Meeting
APR Maibock (4C)
MAY American IPA (21A) X June Meeting July Meeting
JUN Kolsch (5B)
JUL Weissbier (10A)
AUG Cream Ale (1C) X Sept Meeting October Meeting
SEP Marzen (6A)
OCT Scottish Heavy (14B)
NOV Winter Seasonal (30C) X Dec Meeting January Meeting
DEC Old Ale (17B)

**Entries will be judged offsite and based on 2015 BJCP Style Guidelines**

**Two crown capped bottles required – label with your name and beer style**

Homebrewer of the Year Award

This award will be given to the Masher with the most points in the calendar year. Point system below

Current Point Standings can be found HERE

Points Action
1 Brew monthly tasting beer and bring to meeting assigned
2 Submit entry for competition
3 First Place
2 Second Place
1 Third Place

 **Must be a member in good standing to earn points**
**Winner will be announced at the Christmas Party In January**

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