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Good News/Bad News on Motor City Mashers T-Shirts

Good news on the long awaited Motor City Mashers T-Shirts:
We’re ordering them!

Bad news?
They won’t be ready until next week… (Sorry!)

As a result, I’m going to take any additional orders until Sunday night, August 16th. If you have not ordered, NOW would be a good time to do so. They are going to be in the $15-20 range (with a few more dollars if you are 2XL or above). You can see what the shirts look like, you can see it here: (shortlink to our website)

If you attended the meeting and want to cancel your order, if you want to order, or if you have any questions, please email me at raybilyk (at)

Thanks Mashers! Cheers!

Ray Bilyk
President (El Hefe)
Motor City Mashers

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