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Motor City Mashers Meeting Notice Friday, March 4, 2016 – 7PM at AiH Taylor Call Center

We’re having a meeting tomorrow at 7PM at the Adventures in Homebrewing Call Center.

Prior to the meeting, stop by the Adventures in Homebrewing store starting at6PM to once again take advantage of the 10% discount on regularly priced items. (Thanks Don and the AWESOME folks at Adventures in Homebrewing for this membership benefit!)

If you have any brews to share, please feel free to bring it!

We’ve got a lot to discuss. Make sure to bring some paper to take notes…

One thing that we’ve talked about was trying to get by-laws that will work for us. I’ve taken a couple that I’ve found, tweaked them, and posted them here:

Print them… read them… strike out what you don’t like… add what you want to add… these are not in stone. That’s why we’re going to discuss them!

How did we do at Rat Fest? We’ll have our report. We also received this from the Events Manager regarding the release of our beers (and everyone else’s) at the bar:

Hello Rat Fest Homebrew Clubs!

I hope everyone is doing well! You will see below our tentative Rat Pad Release calendar. We are changing things up a bit in 2016 and will release beers (almost) every Tuesday and Thursday beginning March 15th.
I wanted to give everyone the opportunity to look this over and let me know if there is a date that won’t work for members of the club and would prefer to have the brew released later in the summer, after the last listed date of July 12th.
Please understand that this calendar was developed with the best interest of all in consideration and we feel that these dates are ideal for the brews. With that in mind, we are happy to change release dates, but please only make the request if it is absolutely necessary.
I will be posting the release dates on Friday, March 11th. Please let me know by Wednesday, March 9th if a listed date is in need of change.

  1. March 15 – AABG Sweet Milk Stout
  2. March 22 – AABG Whiteout Stout
  3. March 24 – Divas Porter
  4. March 29 – SOL Spicy Pepper Stout
  5. March 31 – AABG Chocolate Cream Sout
  6. April 7 – AABG Coffee Honey Porter
  7. April 12 – Burns Park Grandma’s Purse
  8. April 14 – Hyperion Bukonzo
  9. April 19 – Motor City Apfelsaaz
  10. April 21 – Brighton Brew Hempefeweizen
  11. April 26 – Divas Eyes on The Pies
  12. April 28 – Hyperion Salted Caramel Bock
  13. May 5 – SOL Gingered Wit
  14. May 10 – Divas Mango Tango
  15. May 12 – Brighton Brew Black Lavender
  16. May 17 – AABG Das Boot
  17. May 24 – SOL Orange Pale Ale
  18. May 26 – Motor City Tahitian Treat
  19. May 31 – Brighton Saison
  20. June 2 – Divas Sour
  21. June 9 – AABG Sour Pucker
  22. June 14 – AABG Flanders Red
  23. June 16 – SOL Berlinerwiesse
  24. June 21 – Brighton Brew Mr. Pickles
  25. June 23 – Burns Park Midnight in Berlin
  26. June 28 – Motor City Mashers Old Brown Betty
    (Duchesse de Detroit)
  27. June 30 – Hyperion Sour Belgian
  28. July 7 – Motor City Pina Colada Cream Ale
  29. July 12 – Hyperion Cucumber Water

As always, I look forward to hearing from you!

Nicole Bednarski
Events Manager

Arbor Brewing Company Microbrewery
(Corner Brewery LLC)
720 Norris St
Ypsilanti, MI. 48198

Let’s discuss!

See you there! Cheers!

Ray Bilyk

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