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Motor City Mashers Meeting – Friday, September 9, 2016 at 7PM – Adventures in Homebrewing Taylor Call Center

It’s back to school time! It’s also back to the Adventures in Homebrewing Call Center for our next meeting. From our vote at the last meeting, we moved this month’s meeting one week due to the Labor Day holiday to Friday, September 9th at 7PM. Please remember to bring a chair if you have it, and of course, if you have any homebrew to share, please do so as well.

We have a lot to talk about, including the results of the Michigan Beer Cup, what happened at the Michigan Homebrew Festival, discussion of next year’s festival (yup, the planning starts now), fund raising ideas (please bring some), and upcoming club and homebrewing events. (Learn to Homebrew Day will be here before you know it!)

I have been asked by a couple of members about having a calendar online where we can see upcoming events and competitions. I’ve created a Google Calendar that you can import into your own phone or online calendar. The link for it is here:
I will also set up this calendar on our website. Look for a link on the homepage. I’ve already added a few events like The 2016 Auction event at Cap-n-Cork, the 2nd Annual Battle of the Brews at Scrooge and Barley, the Bell’s Homebrew Expo and Homebrew Competition, and of course, Learn to Homebrew Day 2016.

Have a safe and relaxing Labor Day weekend! Cheers!

Ray Bilyk – President/El Hefe
Motor City Mashers



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