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Sad news regarding our friend Brenda Rager

Brenda Rager and Randy Ertman at the MCM Holiday Party 2012

Gail received this sad news regarding our friend Brenda Rager:

Yes unfortunately Brenda passed away. We aren’t sure of the details yet. She did pass in her sleep so she didn’t suffer. What we don’t know yet is why. She recently went to the ER, with a really painful headache. But they didn’t find anything so they released her with meds. I question this because when you have state medical coverage like she had, they’re not big on doing extensive testing. That’s all I really know at this point. But when I do find out more I will definitely let you know. Thank you for showing concern. Randy was very much a fan of his homebrew friends. As was Brenda.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Brenda’s family at this sad time.

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