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MCM April Meeting – Friday, April 7th at 7PM – AIH Call Center (Mashers Meeting Hall) in Taylor

Motor City Mashers April Meeting
Friday, April 7th at 7PM
AIH Call Center (Mashers Meeting Hall) in Taylor

The throwing out of the first (snow) ball at Comerica Park means that spring is right around the corner…

Our next meeting is on Friday, April 7th starting at 7PM in the ‘Mashers Meeting Hall’ (Adventures in Homebrewing Taylor former call center). We have some business to discuss, but I’m really excited because of the following:

Our Education Committee is hosting our first Show and Tell at the meeting:
For all those interested in participating, please come prepared to briefly share an item that is integral to your brewing, yet is uncommon in the everyday equipment of brewing. This item could make your brewing easier, more enjoyable, more efficient, possible, etc. If your item is too physically cumbersome to bring, feel free to still share the item even though it is not present at the meeting.

Club Competition Info:
Please remember to bring your Irish Stout (15B) entries if you want to compete in our Homebrewer of the Year Award or just to have it judged. The entry requires two crown capped, 12-22oz bottles labeled with your name and beer style. Attach labels using a rubber band only.
In addition, bring in your Maibock/Helles Bock (4C) for one point to go along with our Monthly Commercial Tasting.

Other Competition Info:
The Sicilano’s Homebrew Competition is now accepting entries. Limit one entry per entrant. Two bottles are required. Entries are due April 9. Register at (under Competitions/Upcoming – look for “Siciliano’s Fourteenth Annual Homebrew Competition” and click the link to register). Mike will be driving to Grand Rapids to drop off entries Saturday, April 8, so bring your entries to the Meeting!!
[Right now, as of the 200 maximum entries, there are only 87 entries, but are expected to max out.]

There’s also some upcoming brew days coming up… including Big Brew and one the week before in Auburn Hills! Oh… did I mention that we’re going to HomebrewCon (National Homebrewers Conference) in June? (Prices for all packages for HomebrewCon will increase by $20 after April 20, 2017 at 3:00 pm MT.)

We also need to start prep work (and brewing) for the Michigan Homebrew Festival in August!

Just a reminder that we get 10% off at Adventures in Homebrewing in Taylor on meeting nights! (Thanks again, AIH, for allowing us to me in the meeting hall!)

If you have questions, please feel free to email me!

Lots to brew, lots to do, lots to taste! Hope to see you all there!!! Prost!

Ray Bilyk – President / El Hefe
Motor City Mashers

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