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Motor City Mashers NEWS & Meeting (Friday, July 7th, 2017 at 7PM – AIH Taylor ‘Call Center’)

Meeting info
There is a meeting on Friday, July 7th starting at 7PM. It will be held in our normal location, the Adventures in Homebrewing Taylor ‘Call Center’ (Mashers Meeting Hall).

Competition Updates
This month we will be announcing the winners of the American IPA MCM Club Competition! If you submitted to this competition, see Mike to get your scoresheets.
July’s tasting is Weissbier. If you’ve brewed a Weissbier, be sure to bring it to the meeting for a point towards the Homebrewer of the Year tally.

Michigan Beer Cup registration is now open! We want to see a strong showing from the Mashers this year so be sure to register here. We will be awarding one point to each Masher that submits to Beer Cup.
We’ve been thinking about having a Beer Gun Day. If you have cold, carbonated beer in a keg that you’d like to submit and don’t have a beer gun, this would be a great opportunity to get that beer into bottles. It would be at our Meeting Hall (AIH call center) on July 16th (noon-3:30) and/or July 17th (4-6:30). WE WILL ONLY BE DOING THIS IF THERE IS INTEREST. Think about it; Mike will see if there is interest at the meeting on Friday. If you can’t make the meeting but are interested in the Beer Gun Day, email him here. Entries are due July 21st and can be dropped off at Adventures in Homebrewing. Any additional questions about MI Beer Cup can be sent to Mike as well.

AIH Wheat Beer Competition – Adventures in Taylor is doing their own competition for Wheat Beer. Entries are due between August 4-18 and require two 12oz bottles. They will be awarding 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.

Michigan Homebrew Festival
MCM will again be representing this year at MHF. We are getting the same covered site as last year, which worked out great! We will be bringing the Club Bar and will need kegs to fill it up… SO GET BREWING!!
Our theme this year is The Big Lebowski. If you have any bowling related items you’d like to donate that we can decorate our site with, please bring them to this meeting or the meeting in August.
MHF is now open to purchase Campsites and Memberships. Purchase here. This is one of the best events of the year and we encourage all Mashers to join

New T-Shirts!
We have new shirts ready to order here! They’re Yellow?!?! Yes – they are yellow. We chose yellow to go along with our Big Lebowski theme. Ordering is now open and will close July 31st. This will ensure that everyone that ordered a shirt will get it at MHF. If you don’t attend MHF, they will be available for pick up at our Monthly Meetings.

Hope to see you all on Friday, July 7th… Cheers Dudes!

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