Mashers – Check your email! Nominations for Club Officers, By-law Motions and Learn to Homebrew Day info has been sent!

Mashers… check your email! Nominations for club officers plus motions for by-law changes has been OPENED! Deadline for online nominations is Friday, November 3rd at 7PM. (We will allow for nominations and motions at the November meeting.) Information on Learn to Homebrew Day is also in the email. Make sure you read it all, and […]

MCM Meeting this Friday, October 6, 2017 – 7PM at the Adventures in Homebrewing Taylor ‘Call Center’

Meeting info There is a meeting on Friday, October 6th starting at 7PM. It will be held in our normal location, the Adventures in Homebrewing Taylor ‘Call Center’ (Mashers Meeting Hall). Competition Updates The Cream Ales have been judged! If you submitted to this competition you’ll be getting your scoresheets back October’s tasting is Scottish Heavy. If you’ve brewed a Scottish […]

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