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MCM Meeting this Friday, October 6, 2017 – 7PM at the Adventures in Homebrewing Taylor ‘Call Center’

Meeting info
There is a meeting on Friday, October 6th starting at 7PM. It will be held in our normal location, the Adventures in Homebrewing Taylor ‘Call Center’ (Mashers Meeting Hall).

Competition Updates
The Cream Ales have been judged! If you submitted to this competition you’ll be getting your scoresheets back
October’s tasting is Scottish Heavy. If you’ve brewed a Scottish Heavy, be sure to bring it to the meeting for people to taste and a point towards the Homebrewer of the Year tally.

Please bring a chair for the meeting, unless you want to stand or sit on the ground.
Bring some extra cash if you’d like an MCM Logo Pilsner glass. They are $5 per glass.
If you signed up the BYO magazine subscriptions for the MCM group ordering and have not paid yet, $20 is due at the meeting or by sending money to “” through PayPal. (There would be a $1 service charge for paying by credit card/PayPal.)

Just one additional thing… Jason has decided that there are to be NO 10% club discounts for the near future. As a result, we hope you continue to show the strength of your support before meetings but that won’t result in 10% discount as of now. (The AIH Rewards Program still applies at this time… Learn more here:

Showing how much support happens then might result in change!

We hope to see you at the meeting! Cheers!

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