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Motor City Mashers NEWS & Meeting (Friday, September 8th, 2017 at 7PM – AIH Taylor ‘Call Center’)

Meeting info
There is a meeting on Friday, September 8th starting at 7PM. It will be held in our normal location, the Adventures in Homebrewing Taylor ‘Call Center’ (Mashers Meeting Hall).

Competition Updates
The Cream Ale entries are due at the meeting Friday for the quarterly competition. If you are submitting to compete or to just get unbiased feedback from our great BJCP Judges, please be sure your entry gets to Mike. Your entry requires two bottles, labeled with your name and beer style, attached with a rubber band.
September’s tasting is Marzen. If you’ve brewed a Marzen, be sure to bring it to the meeting for a point towards the Homebrewer of the Year tally.
Additionally, Battle of the Brews has been announced – Start thinking about what you’d like to submit. Entries are due October 22.

Bell’s Homebrew Competition and Expo
On Saturday, September 9th at Bell’s Eccentric Cafe in Kalamazoo, join some of us as we attend the 8th Annual Bell’s Homebrew Competition and Expo. Bring a clean sanitized vessel with you to bring home some high quality Bell’s wort. We will discuss it at the meeting, or get more information here:

PLEASE BRING A CHAIR for the meeting, unless you want to stand or sit on the ground.
Our MCM Logo Pilsner glasses are in! If you need to pickup and/or buy your glassware, please remember to bring some extra cash. They are $5 per glass.
We are also selling BYO (Brew Your Own) magazine subscriptions for a special price. If you are interesting in starting or renewing a subscription, bring $20 to the meeting. (This is a special offer to paid up members only.)

Hope to see you all on Friday (and maybe Saturday). Cheers!

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