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UPDATE: MCM Meeting/Bowling

Obviously, we’re getting questions based on the craziness that’s happening. Rest assured, MCM is taking the situation seriously. We have our crack team of experts constantly assessing the situation.

As of right now, the meeting at EMBC tomorrow is still on. If you’re feeling sick, please don’t come to the meeting. If we decide, or EMBC decides, that it’s no longer on I’ll let you know ASAP.

As of right now, the fundraiser is still on for March 28th. If we decide, or the bowling ally decides, to postpone or cancel the date I’ll let you know.

Cheers (and wash your hand)!

Meeting Info
When: Friday, March 13th – 7pm
Where: Eastern Market Brewing

Bowling Fundraiser
This is the big one people! Register here. Stay up to date with the Facebook Event

When: March 28th
Where: 10 Pins of Trenton
Who: Friends and Family welcome. Get your team together!
What: MCM’s 3rd Bowling Fundraiser. Part for the Club; part for local charities
Why: To have a good time with good people while winning some awesome prizes

Follow on the Facebook page to see all the amazing prizes donated from HB Equ Manufacturers, Homebrew Shops, Breweries, and a ton of other great places!

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