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Quick Reminder – No MCM Meeting tonight and Big Brew Info

Good afternoon, Mashers!

Just a quick reminder that we will NOT be having a meeting tonight, but Jeff Oliver (or someone from Adventures in Homebrewing) will be there tonight from 6pm to 7pm SHARP so that you can drop off your brewing equipment for tomorrow’s BIG BREW for National Homebrew Day. Please send an email to Jeff and let him know that you’re coming tonight –

My wife and I will not be there for most of the fun tomorrow. My son will be having his 1st Communion Mass tomorrow. I hope that we can stop by at the end, but there’s no promises. I’m depending on you Mashers to work with the fine folks at Adventures in Homebrewing to make this day an incredible one! If you are bringing a keg for the bar tomorrow, please email Jeff and let him know. If you have any questions, he’s the person you want to talk with also.

If I don’t see you tomorrow, have a great BIG BREW! CHEERS!

Ray Bilyk
President/El Hefe
Motor City Mashers

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