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MCM June Meeting – Friday, June 3rd – 7PM – Adventures in Homebrewing Taylor Call Center

Safe travels to the Mashers attending HomebrewCon (the AHA National Homebrewers Conference). Have fun! Take lots of pictures and videos. Bring back lots of swag! (El Hefe wears a 3XL… don’t judge!)

For the rest of us not attending HomebrewCon, our next meeting is Friday, June 3rd at the Adventures in Homebrewing Taylor Call Center. BRING YOUR OWN CHAIRS! We will be talking about the Pow Wow regarding the Michigan Homebrew Festival, our proposed by-laws (again) and next month’s meeting location (hint: it will NOT be at the Adventures in Homebrewing Taylor Call Center). We will also be talking about other upcoming events and happenings including:

Don’t forget your 10% off from 6PM – 7PM at Adventures in Homebrewing in Taylor (check the back of your membership card for details). While you’re there, don’t forget to thank them for hosting our meetings and for the discount!


Hope to see most of you at the meeting! Cheers!

Ray Bilyk – President/El Hefe

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