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A Motor City Masher Good Time Weekend! Meeting this Friday and BIG BREW this Saturday!

On Friday, May 5, 2017, we will be having our monthly meeting starting at 7PM at the Adventures in Homebrewing Taylor ‘Mashers Meeting Hall’ (the former call center). Stop by to Adventures in Homebrewing before the meeting and take advantage of the ‘10% off regularly priced items’ deal for MCM members. (Thank you AIH for this!) We have a lot to talk about at our meeting, and you don’t want to miss our Education Committee presentation on how to brew an IPA (just in time for Big Brew!) ALL ARE WELCOME! (Guests: please print, fill out and bring a Guest Waiver form with you. We will have extras at the meeting.)

National Homebrew Day Big Brew/Call for Kegs
2017 National Homebrew Day Big Brew is happening this Saturday, May 6, at Adventures in Homebrewing in Taylor. The event goes from 10am – 5pm. If you are brewing, plan to show up a bit early to get set up. This is kid friendly event. There will be brewing, food, and lots of homebrew…. which reminds me, WE NEED KEGS!! If you are able, please bring a keg (or two) so we can get our bar filled up.
Let’s remember that this event is a great recruiting tool for our club. If you see new faces wandering around, strike up a conversation!

Competition Update!
Our first MCM Club Competition beers for Irish Stout have been judged and the winners will be announced at the meeting!! Score sheets will be passed out if you submitted to this comp.
A big thanks to John and Sheila at Dearborn Brewing for opening up the brewery early for us to do our judging. Additionally a big thanks to our judges, Gail, Tom, Jeff C., and John (DBC).

May’s tasting is American IPA; bring in your American IPA for one point towards the Homebrewer of the Year tally. This is a competition style, so keep in mind that if you’d like to submit your beer to be judged, it will be due at the June meeting. (Get your style guidelines HERE.)

Hope to see you all this weekend!

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