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If you are thinking about taking the BJCP exam, here’s something to consider…

If you are thinking about taking the BJCP (Beer Judge Certification Program) examination, here’s something to consider…

Fred Bonjour, ‘the MAN’ when it comes to beer judging and all things BJCP (his resume includes being one of the primary people in bringing the National Homebrewers Conference to Michigan a few years ago), is offering up his services once again to help those of you who are studying for BJCP. From his Facebook page:

Beer Studies

Beer Class for 2017-2018
Every substyle of beer I can get (BJCP Classic Styles) will be covered (except Specialty, Fruit, SHV)
Location: TBD
Time: TBD 6-9pm (approx every other week, not including holiday weeks)
Early October thru May

One Caveat, This is NOT a social drinking get together, it is serious study, we will be training your taste buds and your ability to describe a beer. At the end of the class you will be (if you choose to do so) VERY prepared for the BJCP Tasting Exam.
We will be covering the the BJCP 2015 Style guide, By the time the class is complete we will have sampled something close to 200 different beers. Did I say we sample a LOT of really good beers.
Cost will be the cost of the Beers and supplies, Week 1 will be $25 to cover the 1st 2 weeks of beers and some supplies. Typically $10-$15, though some classes $5-$20 and possibly an occasional “free” class depending on cost of beers.

Signup on Google Docs at

This is a great opportunity! Thanks to Masher (and BJCP Master Judge) Gail Milburn for giving us the heads up on Fred’s FB post.

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