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MCM Meeting January 2020

Meeting Info

When: Friday, January 3rd – 7pm. 

Where: Downey Brewing

We can bring homebrew, but please also patronize some Downey beers! 

Please bring a few bucks for the food and tasting


MCM Homebrewer of the Year

American Porter entries have been judged and score sheets will be passed back. Pending the outcome of the Porter comp, we should be announcing the winner of the 2019 Homebrewer of the Year Award!

Styles, rules, and current point tally


Holiday Party

Our Holiday Party is January 18th at the German Club in Brownstown. Please RSVP here by January 14th.

Food: Potluck style. Club is getting BBQ as the main course. Please bring a side and/or desert.

Beer: we’ll have the jockey box going so bring a keg if you’d like. Feel free to bring any other sort of homebrew or commercial beer. This is usually a pretty awesome bottle share opportunity so check those beer cellars! (optional, but encouraged)

Pick 6 Mixer: bring a six pack of commercial craft beer and we’ll draw cards so you can create a new mix six pack. (optional)

Gift Exchange: Bring a homebrew themed gift, $20-$30, and we’ll do a fun gift exchange. (optional)

Superbowl Squares: There’ll be Superbowl squares for sale at the party!


DeathMash & NHC

These competitions are right around the corner so get brewing!!!

DeathMash – All details here

Entry registration – January 27

Entry due date – February 16 

National Homebrew Competition – All details here

Open Enrollment – January 14 – 22

Entry registration – February 14 (pick Indianapolis as Primary Judge Location)

Entry due date – March 5th


Troubleshooter’s Corner

We’ll keep it going… Starting at 6:30pm in some area of Downey Gail, Jeff Chase, and myself will be ready to taste your beer and offer honest, critical feedback. The intent is to have an honest discussion of your beer if you think there may be issues. Have your recipe and process ready.


MCM Calendar

Get all the MCM events on your google calendar with this link on your computer 


Financial Support

As always, you can support MCM financially by renewing your AHA Membership




See you Friday, Cheers!


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