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MCM Meeting September 2019

Meeting Info

When: Friday, September 6th – 7pm.

Where: Downey Brewing

We can bring homebrew, but please also patronize some Downey beers!

Please bring a few bucks for the food and tasting


MCM Homebrewer of the Year

Saison entries are due at the meeting to participate. Bring two bottles labeled with your name attached with a rubber band.

Styles, rules, and current point tally


This month’s tasting is Festbier (4B)

If you brewed a Festbier, be sure to bring it to the meeting for people to taste and a point towards the 2019 Homebrewer of the Year tally.


Mead Cup

Use this form to sign up for the Michigan Mead Cup. We need volunteers!!


Troubleshooter’s Corner

Yes, I stole that directly from the Maltose Falcons; ever heard of it?

We realize that placing your homebrew in a sea of homebrew and having a free for all may not be the best way to get honest, critical feedback on your beer so we’re going to pilot the Troubleshooter’s Corner. Starting at 6:30pm in some area of Downey’s main taproom Gail, Jeff Chase, and myself will be ready to taste your beer and offer constructive feedback. The intent is not to be mean but have an honest discussion if you think there may be issues. We won’t pretend to have all the answers but the more prepared you are with your recipe and process, the quicker we may be able to figure out what ails your ale (or lager).


Taster Glasses

They’re in and will be on sale at the meeting. Get one for $3 or two for $5



T-shirts and hoodies are now for sale with the links below! Get them while you can! Ordering closes September 18th. This ensure delivery to you by the October meeting.

T-Shirts and Hoodies


Bell’s Homebrew Comp

See details here on wort pickup and entry due date. Winner announced at All Stouts Day


Financial Support

As always, you can support MCM financially by renewing your AHA Membership.


See you Friday, Cheers!

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